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Insurance Software Platform Improvements

My Role

I worked on projects as a Product Designer at Corvus Insurance Company alongside product managers, engineering team, data scientists and underwriters. Based on the KPIs, user interviews, usability testings, and team collaborations, I helped improve the CrowBar experience.


CrowBar is a proprietary software platform underwriters and brokers use to to centralize underwriting intel and minimize back-and-forth and time-to-quote.

Project 1
Submissions Table

The Submissions Table is one of the main functions that is used by underwriters on a daily basis. Renewal underwriters needed to be able to see all open policies, and then sort, status, assign, annotate, filter, and follow-up on accounts. The team was relying on a variety of spreadsheets with multiple color coding, tabbing, and commenting to manage their workload, which was not efficient nor effective.


I collaborated with the product manager to build a research plan. Together, we conducted many interviews with the underwriters to address the problem and opportunity. The engineering team was involved in most of the steps.I worked on several different design ideas that involve redesigning the entire table.


After summarizing key findings and brainstorming with the stakeholders, I improved the submission table experience by adding more visual clarity and hierarchy, and validated it with several internal testings. Due to time constraints, I proposed the addition of new inputs: "effective date from" and "effective date to," which effectively solved the problems.I also designed a new second tab "renewal" so that new business and renewal submissions were separated. 

Project 2
Quote Request Flow with AI

Automating quote request flows was one of the KPIs we were tasked with. There was a team dedicated to managing the flow, which was a manual process, which was creating some issues, such as delaying the creating a quote request, creating a submission due to the increasing number of new applications. Corvus has partnered with a third party business called Indico Data which provides service on document automation AI programs.


I was actively involved in user interviews, and weekly meetings with the third party business. I worked on the ideal workflow of the whole process and presented it to the stakeholders and my director on a weekly basis.


This project wasn’t yet completed when I left my role at the company. Underwriters were very excited about the new product implementation that would improve their quote request workflow.

Project 3
UX Heuristic Analysis of CrowBar

I completed a comprehensive Heuristic Analysis of CrowBar. That was a side project, in addition to my day-to-day responsibilities. On a daily basis, I tested and evaluated the product’s interface and compared it against accepted usability principles.


During the evaluation, I had the chance to interview with underwriters, and get to know their needs, as well as the business requirements much better and faster.


I created a deck and presented it to all engineers, product managers, product designers and the directors of the company. I received great feedback and my findings played an important role in defining and solving the issues of the product.

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