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My name is Duygu Guzelderen Sisli (she/her).

I am a product designer with a professional background in product marketing.

As a product marketing specialist, I was in a unique position because I was responsible for bridging the gap between our product development team and the end user. After observing a product come to life from the ideation phase to the development stage, and then being part of the product development process, I discovered my passion for design, which led me to user experience design.


I love the challenge that comes with timeless interaction and the remarkable responsibility of designing for someone that is from a place far away or maybe even from a different era. At any time, when we interact with everyday objects, tools or digital apps, we are also interacting with the UX designer behind it and experiencing the work and passion that person put into it. To me, it is very human and very beautiful! 


With my experience in assisting people with special needs and developing user-centered marketing campaigns, I bring a unique perspective to product design!


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More about me...

Clay Worker

Violin Player

Journaling Enthusiast

Avid Traveler: 3 Continents, 13 Countries

Animal Lover




Nature Lover


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